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Celebrating men's best friend with dog food branding & modern packaging design that focuses on the essential benefits of the products. The client for this pet food brand wanted a more uncommon approach for dog food branding. Therefore, the creative dog food package for "Yorkie’s Gourmet Recipe" uses like conceptual starting point a monochromatic illustration, with geometrical insertions. The role of the pet food packaging design is to distinguishes the brand in an increasingly crowded market. In supermarkets or online stores, this box design will get noticed.

Name Yorkie’s Gourmet Recipe
Industry Pets
Location Worldwide
Type Dog Food Packaging
Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding

Dog Food Packaging

The pet food packaging market is highly competitive. So, the dog food logo design needs to capture customers attention. The fork and the special font for Y have just that effect. We’ve created the packaging illustrations especially for this dog food branding. Above all, the healthy ingredients are crucial. This key feature will attract loyal customers. Yorkshire terrier is a special breed with special needs. This was the first product for this brand. However, the dog food branding & packaging needed to remain open, appropriate for other future releases.

Dog Food Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

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Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding
Dog Food Branding


Dog Food Packaging Design

The entire composition of this dog food packaging is creating a disruptive pattern in today's market. In short, the white box with black accents is combining elegant features with playful ones.


Pet Food Branding

Pet food package design plays a major role in maintaining quality. A pleasant esthetic is also recommended. In addition, dog food packaging bags are a must for maintaining product integrity.


Pet Food Packaging

Moreover, this dog food bag design inside is disrupting the dog food market with its minimalistic character & bespoke personality. Today, customers are also interested in eco-friendly dog food packaging.


Dog Food Design

In the present time, there are over 300 million pet food bags ending up in landfills. That is to say, sustainable pet food packaging is a must have for any modern dog food brand. We need to preserve nature for our furry friends, no?

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