Chocolate Branding opens historical doors

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Get inspired by this chocolate branding, packaging illustrations & graphic elements fused to explore beautiful cultural diversity. The chocolate branding is based on a captivating design journey across the globe. While celebrating the cultural diversity of each civilization, we dream about chocolate. In short, the creative chocolate packaging uses doors models from all over the world. The client is a small confectionary brand. Firstly, they wanted a luxury chocolate packaging design. Secondly, they wished for a unique chocolate brand design. Moreover, they had in mind to sell this delicious chocolate both in the local store and online in many countries. So, we combined all these chocolate packaging ideas, and the result is quite spectacular.

Name Doors
Industry Confectionary
Location Worldwide
Type Chocolate Packaging
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding

Chocolate Packaging

The inspiration for this chocolate packaging came from the long history of this unique architectural element, the front door. It is a history that began many centuries ago. Men moved from primitive houses in more elaborate structural assemblies. In addition, the chocolate packaging design was created so that the product line can be easily extended in the future with more exciting flavors. These will have different content on the chocolate cover. Just imagine architectural items in various colors and shapes.

Chocolate Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

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Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Branding
Chocolate Brand and Packaging
Chocolate Packaging Design

Many chocolate professionals are still reluctant to invest into a professional chocolate branding and packaging. However, most times, a simple chocolate wrapping will not do the trick. Especially for a more expensive product. An appropriate chocolate package will delight customers even before they taste the sweet treat.

Chocolate Brand Packaging
Luxury Chocolate Branding

It was important for our branding studio to develop a beautiful chocolate design that enhances the value of the high-quality confections. For instance, we have selected elegant colors and a more romantic font to entice the target audience. Our studies shows that chocolate branding might also play a part in growing sales and brand awareness.

Chocolate Cover Design
Chocolate Box Design

We tried to decide between a chocolate cover design and a chocolate box design for this product. We sketched multiple chocolate packaging design ideas. Information and clean graphical elements have a crucial role in the purchase decision. So, we went for a sophisticated, original approach – ancient colorful doors.

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