Cereal Box Design injects morning energy

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Inspired by beautiful mornings, our cereal box design is based on the simple idea of presenting the essential benefits of cereals to breakfast lovers. The new brand wants to bring change to the existing market using a cereal box design that is different, clean, unique. Instead of the usual, busy cereal packaging design that you will find on the market, we envisioned a different approach. In other words, we developed a cereal branding that focuses on the benefits of the product and its target audience. As a result, the visual identity & cereal box design focuses on this brand path. Furthermore, the brand message is well illustrated, healthy breakfast for every morning.

Name Simple Days
Industry Cupboard Food
Location Worldwide
Type Cereal Packaging Design
Cereal Box Design
Cereal Box Design
Cereal Box Design
Cereal Box Design
Great mornings start with a healthy & delicious breakfast.

The cereal packaging design that our creative design agency imagined visually describes the brand mission of proposing a tasty and healthy option for a quick breakfast.


Brand Storytelling.

We studied the target audience, a predominantly female audience that values high-quality food products. Many cereal box design ideas were explored and analyzed. As a result, we've decided to emphasize the name of the brand by designing the cereal box packaging around it.


Product Branding.

The research showed that adults prefer cereal packaging that uses a transparent approach when it comes to the ingredients used. This cereal branding conveys in a modern and straightforward style the benefits of the product & how it can improve people's diets.


Design Packaging.

This cereal box design project builds around the idea of a simple product that can be enjoyed daily by the customers. We believe that healthy and delicious food brings positive change in people's lives. Because of this reason, the packaging should convey the brand's mission.

Cereal Box Design
Cereal Box Design to help your product get noticed.

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Project information:

Creative Packaging

The visual identity of this cereal brand follows a minimalistic path. The clean lines of the cereal packaging design describe a new direction. Our branding & food packaging design agency wanted to explore a new path in the present market. Therefore, the style and colors of this breakfast cereal packaging design combine a modern approach with the cereal history that begins way back in 1700. In addition, the box packaging design celebrates cereal benefits and brings awareness about eating healthy in the morning.

Cereal Box Design
Today's breakfast cereals that contain healthy ingredients are more often recommended for adults.
Results & Statistics

The studies show that adults, mostly female, are the target audience when it comes to healthy, organic cereals. As a result of this statistic, we envisioned a brand expression that targets this specific sector of buyers.

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Cereal Box Design
Cereal Box Design
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