Wine Branding

The wine branding was created to embody the winery’s identity. A new wine brand created for a middle-income target audience. The challenge was to capture the taste of this wine in a packaging design that needs limited resources to be produced while bringing that small winery touch to the market.

Name Beginning
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Location Worldwide
Year 2016
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine branding that invites you on a journey.

Each wine branding, each wine label, each wine packaging helps the customer discover a heritage, the past, and the present of a winery. This wine packaging is dedicated to new beginnings, from it takes its name.


Brand Storytelling.

The story of a small winery is presented in this crafted wine label design. After creating the naming, we use it as inspiration for the wine packaging. We needed to convey a wine brand story using nostalgic elements, so we hand-painted an ostrich to convey the idea of new beginnings.


Product Branding.

The idea behind the wine branding of this middle-budget brand was to promote a quality wine that people can enjoy over a delicious meal. The design is envisioned for this boutique winery brand that wants to appeal to Millenials, especially the female audience through a playful design.


Design Packaging.

An ostrich illustration takes the center stage of the wine label. The hand-drawn wine packaging design is accentuating the desire of the brand to position itself in the section of new arrivals like a younger winery with a dedication to craft products & delicious flavors.

Wine Branding
We mix 3D experience with unique graphic design.
Project information:

Creative Packaging

The wine packaging design is based on the human fascination with the amazing natural structure of an eggshell and its meaning, offering life and protection. The illustration presented on this wine label design is a hand-painted ostrich using a brushstroke style. The hand-painted oil illustration adds a playful note to the entire graphical composition. The wine branding is complemented by a meticulously detailed illustration that reflects the concept of new beginnings. The 3 sharp edges of the wine label design, situated in the left upper part of the label are emphasizing the idea of a broken shell, a new life that steps into this world.

Wine Branding
"Consumers Are Drinking With Their Eyes: Wine Labels Dominate Buying Motivation." (Dimensional Insights)
Results & Statistics

72% of consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing & helps them decide on what product they want to buy. (Gerart Media)

Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
Wine Branding
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