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The future of packaging design in 2020 & beyond

Packaging design in 2020 will concentrate its efforts on sustainability & will continue to evolve using smart and minimal solutions together with the latest technological advantages.

Biodegradable and recycled materials are becoming mainstream for modern packaging and are continuously evolving, offering innovative and Earth-friendly packaging for different types of products. The emphasis in the next decade will be on using recyclable and sustainable materials, always looking for greener solutions.

packaging design in 2020

The concept of Earth-conscious is not a new idea. Recent studies show that more than 80% of customers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions.

The packaging design will also have a new role in creating re-usable structures for different purposes. This way, the brands will continue to communicate their message long after the package left the retail store. As design has always been a lens that helped people better understand the world, packaging design in 2020 will address the environmental issues that need our intervention.

The plastic problem has to be understood by all consumers because they have a crucial role in the entire industry.

The industry will also focus more on educating customers about sustainable solutions, reducing unnecessary packaging and incorporate recycling process information on labels. It is very important that public opinion is well informed and that the retailers and manufacturers follow customers' opinions.

Always evolving to meet customers' desires and needs, packaging design in 2020 will follow trends like vintage & retro-futurism, metamorphoses, minimalistic path, transparency for the consumers, sophistication & consistency, center stage fonts, pastels, gradients, and patterns.

Another new function of packaging design will be portability. More and more products need a portable package that will adapt to the "on the go" lifestyle. Improving customers' interaction with products will create a stronger "bond" between them. More than capturing trends, the package design will help us understand a moment in time.

Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.
Paul Bennett
The minimalist packaging design in 2020

"Less is more".
The designers will choose simplicity and transparency in order to let the customer discover the brand message. Using fewer graphic elements will generate trust and create more impactful brands.

The soft neutrals packaging design in 2020

Offering more versatility, neutral colors will be used quite a lot in packaging design. This is an extension of the minimalist movement and will put more light on the brand logos. The looks will be cleaner, softer, adding brightness to the entire composition.

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