We specialized in packaging design and have a growing passion for discovering new food & beverages, so we design mainly for these industries.
Our creative core and knowledge of design, architecture, 3D, graphics & illustration are communicating in an innovative, meaningful way the story of your brand in unique packaging design.
Packaging design is an industry that needs time to obtain quality.
Communicating via email on a regular base, depending on each project requirement, offers very good results and it's not influenced by any time zone.
The best way to communicate with our studio is by email or by form.
You will find both methods on our contact page. It’s fast and allows you to be located anywhere in the world and still have easy access to our packaging design services.
You should always choose the agency that has a portfolio that speaks to you.
The agency's goal is to ingeniously communicate your brand identity, help your product stand out on the shelf & get noticed in a matter of seconds, not just be a place you can visit on your way home.
We will create a custom quotation for you, including special discounts depending on each project. Just visit our contact page and tell us about your design project.
If you only want to make an idea about how much these services cost, just have a look on our price page.
We are a packaging design studio, not a manufacturing company.
However, we are dedicated to our client’s products, so to ensure a successful launch for each package, we can always help our clients find the right producer for them and assist them during this production process if needed.
It is not in our field of expertise. If you need packaging for kitchen or home appliances you should look for a specialized structural packaging agency.
If you can't find what you're looking for please submit your question in this form.
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