Brewery branding lights up
the dark ocean.

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Brewery Branding

Brewery branding & beer packaging design

  • Name: Electric Squid Brewery
  • Industry: Beer
  • Location: Worldwide

THE BRAND | meet the client & discover the audience: From the darkest corner of the ocean, a new legend is being born, an electric brewery branding. Driven by climate change & the desire to bring a positive message to the market, this craft brewery branding reflects an environmental direction. In addition, the target audience includes a generation that treasures brand values and social commitment. To sum up, it's all about great beer and renewable energy.

Brewery Branding
Brewery Branding
Brewery Branding
Brewery Branding

Beer branding & beer packaging attracts positive attention to renewable energy.

THE RESULTS | what we accomplished

The brewery brand values the importance of climate change & looks for new ways to support it while offering a unique experience to its customers. Therefore, we design a craft beer packaging & visual identity that presents the company's message. Firstly, we want to convey the company's position on renewable energy. Secondly, the brewery branding we've developed appeals to a specific audience.

Brewery Branding

Brewery branding needs to connect with customers who value brands that support innovation.

THE CHALLENGE | what we come against with

All the elements that our drinks branding agency designed for this craft brewery allow customers to both discover and follow an engaging new company. That is to say, the brewery signage, the brewery menu design, the beer packaging, the digital appearance, and the entire visual identity convey the brewery's particular style & unique vision to its audience.

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THE APROACH | What we've strategically envisioned

Drawing inspiration from the firefly squid, we create a craft beer branding that reinvents the usual image of breweries with ocean-inspired visuals.

We created a brewery graphic design composed of retro-modern handcrafted illustrations & clean typography.

THE PROCESS | How we created the project

Inspired by the deepest oceans and finding better ways to protect the natural environment while choosing renewable energy, we envision a bespoke brand brewery branding. Furthermore, the handcrafted illustrations and the dark color system symbolize the world under the sea . In addition, the brewery logo design mixes a modern typography with a handwritten style to emphasize a small batch production. To conclude, the firefly squid becomes the symbol of renewable energy & good beer.

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