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Brand Package for jams wins Creativity International Awards

CreativeByDefinition wins the Silver Award 2021 with the salad & jam packaging for The Chess Collection.
Brand Package

We are happy to announce that our brand package, The Chess Collection, won at the Creativity International Graphic Design and Advertising Awards .

It was a very special project for us and we were delighted to find out that the jury from Creativity International Graphic Design and Advertising Awards rewarded it with an award.

The Chess Collection, combines chess, one of the most famous strategy games on the planet, with bespoke fruits and vegetable illustrations in a distinctive packaging that breaks from the ordinary.

Once played only by kings, the game of chess inspired this project with its elegance and mathematical precision.
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The Chess Collection published in CreativeBoom Magazine Brand Package

"The agency took a beautifully simple, illustrative approach to the designs, which see portrayals of the signature ingredients in each variant take centre stage across jar labels. Each image, however, has a twist, inspired by the idea of metamorphosis." EMILY GOSLING

The story behind this Brand Package for Salad & Jam Brand Package

Metamorphoses was the main graphical method used to emphasize the importance of eating vegetables and fruits daily. Making an impact with our work and generate more awareness about sustainable living, was the main message of this distinctive packaging.

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