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Branding Company reinvents 5 Topics

CreativeByDefinition branding company is constantly looking for ways to surprisingly use various topics in brand packaging & visual identities.

Our branding company thrives to build successful consumer brands that shoppers follow and buy. Good design for packaging and branding translates into an exciting retail experience. Therefore, in the following article, our branding company wants to share with you our top five topics reinvented. Discover how we reimagined chess in a jam branding or how intergalactic space translates into energy drink packaging. As creators & brand consultants, we took branding inspiration to another level & think outside the box. To sum up, we replace ordinary with unique in functional package design and brand identity for different beverage & food brands.

The best branding for your startup or a fresh perspective for your food or drink company is exactly what our creative agency specializes in.

In order to stand out from the crowd, your consumer brand should disrupt the existing market. Equally important is what are your food brand values or your drink brand message. How do you want to position your brand? Why is your brand different from your competitor's brand? What makes your dairy brand unique? Why customers should buy your brewery craft beer? From our branding company experience, one thing is sure. To sum up, a unique, meaningful design approach for packaging and brand design will help launch & grow your business.

A distinctive visual identity that combines several graphical elements together will create an atmosphere around a company. As a result, customers will know better which brand understands them better. Our creative design studio wants you to redefine consumer branding. Our top 5 topics explore a world of possibilities when building product branding for food & drinks brands. In conclusion, our creative branding & package design sparkles curiosity, tells stories, or simply makes people smile by reinventing topics like chess, football, or history.

Branding Company reinvents 5 Topics for unique food & drinks brands worldwide


Chess metamorphosis in fruits & vegetables.
Branding Company

Vegetables & fruits become chess players in an exciting, colorful & delicious game.

In this food branding for premium jams & salads, our branding company uses metamorphosis. The product packaging design, including graphic design, illustrations, logo design and typography, recreates the chess game.

In effect, the brand packaging becomes like a chess game and every flavor takes the role of an important player. Furthermore, the customer discovers the eco-friendly brand message. A sustainable diet for a healthy planet!

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Since our foundation in 2015, our graphic design studio goal has been to use packaging design & branding to create retail experiences with a deeper impact.

Our branding agency always stays on the cutting edge of design graphics, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage both in online & offline food and beverage markets.

FOOD BRANDS. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity - 7 years Experience

DRINKS BRANDS. Bottle Packaging & Logo Design - 7 years Experience

HEALTH BRANDS. Brand Naming & Brand Packaging - 5 years Experience

BEAUTY BRANDS. Bottle Design & Brand Identity - 4 years Experience


Persian horses bring back an ancient ingredient.
Branding Company

The most expensive spice in the world is rediscovered.

In this luxury branding, saffron is brought back to its premium status by legendary Persian horses. The creative design our graphic design studio envisioned, includes a unitary brand identity design, a white saffron packaging, and an elegant logo design.

The story of the spices brand invites the customer on a culinary journey. We will visit the Great Empire of Persia. Even more, we will taste gourmet recipes using the same spice as Alexander the Great. We will discover the Persian saffron.

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Jazz music is back in town.
Branding Company

Discover African-American beats with blues notes in this spirit branding.

Our product branding company wants to bring music & bottle design together in this gin packaging. In a highly competitive market, bottle packaging is elevated to an art form.

As a result, the naming, the brand identity, and the gin bottle design are a perfect synthesis of art and function. The black gin branding twists and bends on the jazz rhythm & beats.

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Intergalactic Space speaks about energy.
Branding Company

Fly into space & see the stars closer with the energy of a rocket.

This soft drink branding takes its inspiration from the young generation. Because they are the main target audience for this energy drink design, we followed the latest trends for this young customer profile.

To sum up, intergalactic space, rockets, stars & exciting adventure in another galaxy helped our branding company to create appealing brand visuals, the brand name, brand guidelines, and non-alcoholic drink packaging.

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Football league with hens & roosters.
Branding Company

The chicken's world cup is featured in this playful eggs box design.

We wanted to disrupt the eggs market with creative packaging illustrations. Our branding company services include a variety of topics from brand strategy, naming, visual identity, packaging & more. As a result, we use the entire arsenal to creatively build an eggs brand with character.

The eggs box features unique design graphics that illustrate the roosters & chickens playing football. Because we take football seriously, we used a dark color for the background and box design. As a result, we envisioned & delivered fun brand design that instantly captures the attention of customers.

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