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Branding consultancy: brand identity, brand positioning, brand message, brand tone of voice, brand values, brand image.

Our branding consultants work with both small businesses and established brands. We collaborate online with worldwide clients using modern communication tools. As a brand consultancy firm our goal is to tell your compelling story.

Creative Services

Brand Logo Design

Logo Symbol
Color System

Brand Naming Ideas

Name creation
Linguistic Validation
Trademark Verification

Brand Strategy Marketing

Brand Positioning
Brand Message
Tone of Voice

Visual Communication Design

Brochure Design
Brand Signage
Printed & Digital Materials

Custom Packaging Design

Color Systems

Graphic Design Illustrations

Pattern Design
Icon Design

How to enhance your brand

1. Branding Agency. We provide creative
strategy & branding services.

Our brand consultants strive to offer the best business branding services. We help brands tell their unique story and attract loyal customers. In addition, we use the visual identity designed in our stunning brand packaging. Products become noticeable on the shelves. Our branding prices are transparent and calculated according to project complexity. Our main focus is to create memorable brands and provide valuable branding company services. In short, CreativeByDefinition branding agency reimagines brand design.

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Branding Agency

Owynna. Canadian Health Brand.

As a branding company for this project, we focused first on the branding strategy services and creating a special brand identity. Firstly, we created the logo design for online & print purposes. Secondly, we designed the supplement packaging and tea branding.

View Wellness Branding
Branding Agency

Tae & Cookies. American Confectionary Brand.

This start-up reached out to our branding studio to create a fun brand design, we offered them branding services for small business. Moreover, we focused on a versatile logo design that could be used in advertising on social networks and on packaging.

View Bakery Branding
Branding Agency

Kondea. Greek Food Brand.

Our packaging design agency created the illustrated label design for this small Greek producer of organic products. The main goal was to create simple company branding guidelines and give him the ability to expand and enter on new markets. In short, branding strategy in marketing.

View Olive Oil Branding

Our brand design agency collaborates online with worldwide clients.

Different cultures, different countries. United by perfectly adapted designs.
Our small team of dedicated experts will assist & guide you through the entire project.
In short, we keep things simple while advising you on the best options for your brand.

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Our branding company proposes design techniques:

Packaging illustrations | Typography | 3D visualization

Our graphic designers are specialized in illustrated packaging. Why? Because custom illustrations boost a product. Consequently, the packaging stands out next to the others. It gives a competitive edge, and it increases sales. For each project, our graphic design artists are also using 3D visualization to show the client how the product would look like. So, this approach will decrease production costs and give more control to adjust details.

Branding Agency

2. Brand Naming Agency. We create
imaginative & inspiring brand names.

Clever Names
for Companies
& Products

From brainstorming to validation. We are always improving our brand naming process.

We create names that align with your brand message and that will create a strong impact for your customers. Your favorites will then go through a linguistic & trademark validation to be sure they are easy to pronounce & write and also unique on the targeted market.

What are the benefits of a brand name?

Brand Naming is giving a competitive edge:

Identify your business
Influence customer's decision to buy
Inspires meaningful emotions
It's a real ambassador for your brand
Defines your company identity
Tells your story very fast

The ideas for brand name should be a match for your brand story and also a good fit for your target audience. No matter if we are talking about a brand name for clothes, a brand name for shoes, a brand name for jeans or glasses, they all should be catchy and in tune with your brand's tone of voice. Naming brands can be fun but it is serious business. The brand name list proposed needs to get both the client approval and also to pass the linguistic check and trademark registration.

3. Logo Design Agency. We create modern logo design for aspiring brands.

Logo Design Agency

our Agency

We are a professional logo design agency focused on creative strategy and brand identity design. We collaborate online with worldwide companies & product brands. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We would be glad to discuss your next project.

A inspiring naming & a well-designed logo design builds trust and creates a bond with your customers. It is the first impression, the foundation of your brand identity. We accompany your logo design by brand positioning & visual guidelines. The visual guidelines will communicate how your brand should be presented to the world.

Logo Design & Naming Work

Logo Design
Tech & Robotic Company
Logo Design
Construction Company
Logo Design
Heath Care & Wellness Brand
Logo Design
Residence Company
Logo Design
Cider Brand
Logo Design
Social Event
Logo Design
Confectionary Brand
Logo Design
Skincare Brand
Logo Design
Food Brand

Why is Logo Design such a crucial element for any brand?

Logo design is the foundation of your brand:

Makes a lasting first impression
Highlights your professionalism
Tells your story to the customers
Makes your brand trustworthy
Defines your visual identity
Showcases your message without words

A suitable logo design for business can make your customers remember your brand and not the competitors. There are many logo design ideas out there, the trick is to chose one that is unique for your business, that makes you shine. Put on paper all the things that make your brand / products special and be sure to send this brief to your graphic designer so you can receive a really custom logo design. You should study your competition and try to do things better, high quality products and dedicated employees. Choose reasonable priced logo design services, you will have this symbol at least for a while. It is not just about the logo design letters but about the entire composition. The logo design creator will deliver an entire art piece for your brand.

4. Food Branding Agency. We reinvent Food in unique packaging & branding.

Branding Agency

We design
based on taste

Branding strategy for Food & Beverage Industry and Hospitality.

We work with both start-ups and known brands. We collaborate online with worldwide clients so borders disappear.

The power of food package design, unique graphics, typography & packaging illustrations.

Our creative brand studio mixes art with design to achieve memorable retail experiences.
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Two very important elements in our branding work are food brand logos and food brand names, these define a brand identity and can spark customers imagination. In order to achieve the best food branding, you need to really understand the business, to feel close to the product. If the visual identity is clearly established and the food packaging design is appealing, then you can work with a food marketing agency and devise the appropriate advertising plan for your start-up or existing business. Further more, if your products are delicious and your image is evocative, it will not be difficult to land on the best food brands list, good luck!

Creative Design for Drinks & Food

The mission of branding

Branding Agency


Celebrating the art of gourmet with creative branding & packaging.

Our Branding Services
for your Gourmet Business:
Concept Development
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Package Design
Branding Agency

Beer & Cider

A strong brand story will make your customers’s experience unforgettable.

Our Beer Branding Services:
Concept & Brand Story
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Bottle Design
Brewery Design
Branding Agency

Wine & Spirits

We support visionary beverage brands to become customers' favorites.

Our Spirits & Wine Branding Services:
Brand Story, Values & Mission
Brand Building
Packaging Design
Bottle | Box Design
Catalogue Design

5. Drinks Branding Agency. Our bottle design company uses art, illustrations & beautiful lettering to tell your brand story.

We create & elevate inspiring drinks brands all over the world.

As a drinks branding agency, we invest all our expertise & passion into creative strategy and design that moves people. We consider that all drinks brands should have unforgettable drinks logos, this will help the business no matter if we are talking about soft drinks brands, cocktails branding or drinking chocolate brands. Drinks brand name is also a key feature, alongside cool branding color ideas, it can really elevate a drinks label design. In short, we craft innovative & meaningful drinks brands that challenge their market, bring positive change and connect with their audience.

We see things a little bit differently. That is how, by mixing originality & craftsmanship, we help your brand become easily recognizable.

Strategic Brand Consultancy

We'll help your brand stand out from competitors by uncovering its true story & potential. We will concentrate on naming, brand positioning & more.

Brand Design Ideas

We'll design unique visuals, logos, typography, colors, and packaging to help your brand connect with your audience.

Brand Graphic Design

We'll create visual design & brand communication materials based on clear design system to help your brand grow & expand in the future.

We put the essence of your brand in a beautifully designed bottle.

As bottle designers and branding strategists, we are always in search for the perfect balance between good design and your customer’s satisfaction. The bottle label design should complement the shape. This rule applies no matter if we are looking to a water bottle design or a wine bottle design. We take into consideration all the dimensions and materials, sometimes a bootle design painting is suitable, sometimes a simple striking bottle design art is the way to go. We guide our clients during the entire journey, starting with the brand story to choosing the bottle or designing a custom bottle for them, to the final crafted details on the end packaging.

Join forces with our brand design studio starting from $45/hour.

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