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As a branding agency, we invest all our passion for food & drinks into branding and packaging design that moves people. We design drink packaging, food packaging design, wellness, and supplement packaging. In short, our branding agency work with both small businesses and established brands. Our branding agency successfully collaborate online with clients using modern & easy communication tools. So, we are excited to have design projects from all around the world.

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1. Reimagining lemonade while squeezing summer fun into a tight corset

  • We used playful notes to set the lemonade branding apart from its competition.

We'll tell you how we brought humor & creative branding in lemonade packaging that delights customers while increasing their number. Moreover, the goal of this lemonade packaging was to provide a strong impact with minimal design intervention.

For example, because the target audience is on the younger side, we needed a clean & fresh label design. As a result, we choose a transparent label that only emphasizes the shape of a corset.

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Branding consultancy for Food & Beverage industry

CreativeByDefinition branding agency is constantly looking for ways to reimagine food & drinks in innovative designs.

We believe that good food makes us the people we are today. Food is universal. It shapes our present and influences our future. In conclusion, our branding and packaging design agency wants to celebrate food with good designs, sustainable, innovative, and surprisingly engaging.

The best branding examples & packaging designs are those that people enjoy buying.

These branding designs have the power to bring change to the existing market while improving people's lives. For example, when we design a new branding & packaging design for a rice product, we always start with getting to know the audience & the market. As a result, the branding design logo we envision or the brand colors we choose reflect a deeper understanding of the product brand.

Branding Agency

We shape brands that bring food to your table, or sometimes beverages

With the help of creative branding strategies, we propel consumer-packed goods businesses all around the world.

More important than winning international design awards for our client's brands, we believe it should be how our food packaging designs or drinks branding interact with the desired audience. Our branding strategy looks for new ways to help the brand establish its position on the market. As a result, we invest in creative naming, brand message & tone of voice.

When it comes to visual identity, our branding company likes to mix and match.

We mix and match colorful illustrations, handwritten typography, geometric patterns, and beautiful gradients. Furthermore, we specialized in illustrated packaging. Why? Because custom illustrations boost a product. Consequently, the packaging stands out next to the others. It gives a competitive edge, and it increases sales. For each project, we are also using 3D visualization to show the client how the product would look like. As a result, this approach will decrease production costs.

Branding Agency

2. Letting leafy greens revamp the humble fish

  • We envision a food brand that inspires people to eat healthily.

The branding and packaging for GrunBoom want to bring positive change by inspiring people to eat better. This healthy food branding wants to start a conversation with the customers about tasty, sustainable options & how they can change the food world.

For instance, in order to sparkle curiosity in customers' eyes, we choose to dress the fish in healthy leafy greens. Furthermore, because the products address the Millenial generation our branding agency choose a vibrant and young color theme.

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Branding agency provides branding services & strategy

In a busy food & drink market, our branding consultants strive to offer the best design services. We help brands tell their story and attract loyal customers.

In addition, we use the visual identity designed in our stunning brand packaging. Products become noticeable on the shelves. The branding prices are transparent and calculated according to project complexity. Our main goal is to create memorable brands that people love buying.

Our expertise on creative branding

Brand Strategy & Brand Design 6 years
Packaging Design 7 years
Graphic Design - Logo design & Illustration 5 years
Digital Design 4 years
Branding Agency

3. Cereal Box Design injects morning energy

The new brand wants to bring change to the existing market using a cereal box design that is different, clean, unique. In other words, instead of the usual, busy cereal packaging design that you will find on the market, we envisioned a different approach. For instance, we choose a neutral color for the background to emphasize the almond flavor of the cereals. As a food branding agency, we concentrated on visually expressing the taste of the product inside the box, not only creating beautiful package designs.

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4. Supplement Branding tribute to curcumin

Firstly, as a branding company, we always try to see the whole perspective of the brand instead of only concentrating on one particular element. Secondly, we create the brand path and logo design for online & print purposes. Thirdly, we designed the supplement packaging. Moreover, we wanted to attract customers with supplement packaging that presents the essential benefits without cluttering the label design. To sum up, our branding agency generates awareness about high-quality health products.

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Branding Agency

5. The whimsical tomato gets rediscovered

The story of many good foods starts with delicious, juicy, canned tomatoes. There is no need to say more. Our branding agency used the line-style illustration on a white canvas to lift this classical product. Furthermore, because the food brand follows high-end buyers, it was our mission to bring the premium feel into packaging design & branding. The splash of red color adds a vibrant note. To conclude, the brand strategy, naming, food branding logo, tone of voice, typography, colors and packaging design follow the idea of simplicity.

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