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Bucur, a boulevard beer

We've envisioned a packaging design that carries with it the colorful history of the city, once called “Little Paris".
Bucur Beer Packaging Design

In one of our latest projects, we were proud to be part of recreating an essential chapter of a European capital history and introducing it to a new audience. It’s a fascinating, vibrant history, that we wanted to capture in this new product that we’ve designed for URBB, Bucur beer. The Romanian capital, Bucharest, has yet to be discovered by the new generation, with all its forgotten stories, gossips and famous people from a period known as “Belle Epoque”.

This beer is celebrating a famous boulevard, Victoriei Avenue, but more than that, it is celebrating the place where the heart of the old and new city lays. Victoriei Avenue is a place where people met to enjoy a good glass of beer, maybe listen to some music or have something special to eat & discover the city. It’s about all those stories that we love to share and have a laugh about when we are out in the town with friends. It's about the beauty of a European capital that has yet many good stories to tell and be rediscovered and reinterpreted.

The beer packaging design combines two of the most famous city buildings - Athenaeum and Capsa & the street old period features, like the street lamp, with a contemporary aesthetic of discreet elegance. Despite the contrast between the vibrant color insertion and the neutral background color, the hand-drawn illustrations and the brand logo are united by a sense of uncluttered graphical space. The stories that can be found on the back of the beer label design, they are not just old legends, they've echo with the city heritage, with its forgotten charm and it was our mission to make them known and appreciated by the new generation.

Bucharest is a relatively new city: mention of it is not made until 1459, as one of the residences of the famous Vlad III (the Impaler), ruler of Wallachia. In the early 20th century, Bucharest came to be known as the “little Paris” thanks to its Art Nouveau architecture and special municipal buildings, often French-designed.

What is a city, but the people; true the people are the city.
Coriolanus III
The Romanian Athenaeum Bucur Beer Label Design

The illustration of this famous building is featured on the front label of Bucur beer. Romanian Athenaeum is a landmark of Romanian capital that opened in 1888. The building was designed by the French architect Albert Galleron and built on a property that had belonged to the Vacarescu family. The dome, circular building is the city's main concert hall and home to "George Enescu" Philarmonic and of George Enescu annual international music festival. Over the decades the building hosted many famous concerts and artists of international reputation had performed and had sung between its walls.

Brancovenesc style Bucur Beer Label Design

The Brancovenesc style also known as the Romanian Renaissance is an art and architectural style that evolved during the administration of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu in the late 17th & early 18th centuries. The design style developed in Wallachia, in present-day southern Romania and can be seen in various old buildings across the city. Brancovenesc style is a synthesis between the Byzantine, Ottoman, late Renaissance and Baroque architecture. One of the most best-preserved examples of Brancovenesc style architecture is Horezu Monastery, inscribed by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage Sites.

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