About us

Inventive packaging design

Specialized in Food & Beverage packaging design, we channel our energy, passion & creative mindset into the product of each client. Tiptoeing between hand craftsmanship & the latest techniques, our design represents the touch point between brand values and customer needs. So are you ready for the challenge?

About Packaging Design Studio
About Packaging Design Studio
Our founder

0CreativeByDefinition Studio is the vision of its founder, packaging designer & architect with more than 14 years’ experience. The design studio was created in order to enrich people lives, make them smile. We create “miniature architecture” for products all over the world. We use our creative mind & our growing desire to innovate in order to capture unique brand stories and translate them in captivating packaging. It’s all about the art of communicating with people through designs with substance. Let’s get your brand noticed and have fun innovating.


Online websites, magazines and blogs. Our studio is always focusing on the latest trends and also on cherished traditions so our designs are published continuously on websites, magazines and blogs. Immerse yourself into the design parallel univers.